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3 Ways Custom T-Shirts Can Increase Referrals To Your Real Estate Business

Custom T-Shirts Can Increase Referrals, Custom T-Shirts, T-Shirt Printing, t shirt printing, custom t-shirts, fremont, san francisco, san jose, union city, hayward

Today we’re going to talk about three ways custom T-shirts can increase referrals for your real estate business.  As a real estate agent you know how important referrals are. Here are the three ways custom T-shirts can increase referrals for your real estate business. #1 Create A Motivational T-shirt  Because motivational t shirts get worn […]

Real Estate Agent Marketing 101 – Give Away Free Stickers & Custom T-shirts To Children

real estate agent marketing, free stickers

Today we are talking about a real estate agent marketing idea, free sticker and custom t-shirt  giveaways to the children of prospects.  Kids run the world, if you didn’t already know. Everything is based around children’s schedules. I don’t care how powerful you are, if you have a child, you’re under control of that child. […]

Why You Need To Stop Making Throw Away Branded Apparel

branded apparel, custom t-shirts, t-shirt printing

Companies need to stop making throwaway branded apparel. Businesses are used to doing things for KPIs. When creating branded apparel, different factors go into deciding what type of brand apparel to create. Some like the corporate look, the simplicity look, and others look for the lowest unit rates. Those reasons come together to create a scenario […]

Why Custom T-Shirts Make Great Thank You Gifts

Today we’re going to talk about why custom T- shirts make great thank you gifts. Now before we get into that, let’s talk about some of the gifts you have gotten in your life.  What makes those those gifts so unique that you have actually held onto him for years, decades, or maybe even half […]

How T-shirt Printing Taught Me That I Need to Focus on SEO for My Website

T-Shirt Printing, custom t-shirts

If you’re wondering how T-shirt printing taught me that I need to focus on the SEO for my website, join the club. This is that story and I promise by the end of it you will find 3-4 actionable items to help increase your SEO traffic. Sounds kind of crazy, but let me explain. If […]

Social Media Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents – Custom T-Shirt Giveaways

T-Shirt Printing, social media marketing for real estate, real estate social media posts, real estate agent social media posts

Today we are getting together to talk about social media marketing ideas for real estate agents.  Everybody talks about how social media marketing is a game of creating content. Lining up with major holidays, getting people to see what you do, and clearly communicating it blah blah blah! That’s great. But if a tree falls […]

Long Term Real Estate Branding and Marketing with Custom Motivational T-Shirts

Long Term Real Estate Branding and Marketing, T-Shirt Printing, custom t-shirts, wdfa

Real estate agents, here’s why you want to give out free T shirts for every home you sell. You can do long term real estate branding and marketing with custom motivational t-shirts. I know why the heck would you give out a free T shirt and how can this help you, right? It sounds like […]

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