Long Term Real Estate Branding and Marketing with Custom Motivational T-Shirts

Long Term Real Estate Branding and Marketing

Real estate agents, here’s why you want to give out free T shirts for every home you sell. You can do long term real estate branding and marketing with custom motivational t-shirts.

I know why the heck would you give out a free T shirt and how can this help you, right? It sounds like it just helps the guy who does the t-shirt printing, but it does help you.

First of all in today’s world, private brands are becoming a thing. People are working with brands that they connect with on social media, buying their apparel and actually wearing it. Now, if you’re a real estate agent and let’s say you make a $10,000 Commission off the sale of the house. Secondly, Is it too much to say that whoever just purchased that house, can’t get a T shirt from you? Branded with your real estate agency’s logo really small in the back and the QR code that leads your website on the sleeve? All in the name of creating some long term real estate branding and marketing? Let’s not forget about the motivational saying on the front.

This will do one of two things for you. Frist, the person who gets that shirt won’t forget you or your real estate agency. Never forget that long term branding is important, and that’s why we added a QR code. Second, the motivational saying is there because we as humans always need motivation in our lives. It’s something we have needed since the beginning of time. So a shirt with motivation on it has a higher likelihood of being kept. Go look through your closet and see how many old T shirts you have. Some of them most likely are motivational. Your brand will now have the extra edge over everybody else.

Custom T shirts don’t have to cost a lot, especially if you work with a direct to garment printer like WDFA. Give us a call and we can show you how we can print custom t-shirts one or two at a time and not charge you more than $15 a shirt.

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