A Marketing Idea for Real Estate Agents

A Marketing Idea for Real Estate Agents

Today we are here with a marketing idea for real estate agents. How can you get a bang for your buck with every house that you sell, just by giving something away?

As a real estate agent, when you get commissions it’s not a $5,10 or $100 dollars. It’s thousands, 10s of thousands 100s of thousands and  sometimes millions of dollars worth of commissions. That you are getting when you sell that piece of property. Now there is no reason why your business cannot get additional coverage and social media thank yous from the people that you are selling your houses to.

But you’re not, because most people feel that your Commission, is their thank you. Which is actually absolutely true. But if you’re in the real estate game, you also understand that you have to create marketing. You have to make campaigns that drive new people to your business on a regular basis. So here is my challenge to you, real estate agent. 

Plus a free(somewhat) marketing idea for you that is going to take you places. Once you sell a house, you ask your customers if they would like free wall art from you. You contact companies like WDFA to use a large format printer, to create wall art that can be applied to any wall.

Give your customers the choices out of multiple designs that you’ve picked. All you ask in return is be like hey, if you love your wall art, can you just give us a quick thank you not for selling your house but for this wall heart that we gave you as a congratulations for buying a brand new House. Everybody is not going to do it. You’re probably going to give away this Walmart that may cost you 50 to $75 to produce. But the people that do. They will actually have a genuine referral that they make to their follower base.

Now they may be a couple 100 people, but I think at this point most real estate agents know the value. Of getting free goods into the hands of consumers so they talk about you on their social. Anyway, that is a good idea for you. We here at WDFA can actually get that done for you and it won’t cost a fortune. So if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us through either our quote request forms or just give us a call. And remember this has been A Marketing Idea for Real Estate Agents

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