Nonprofit Marketing Strategy for 2022 – 4 Things You Must Absolutely Know

T-Shirt Printing For All - A Custom T-Shirts Podcast
T-Shirt Printing For All - A Custom T-Shirts Podcast
Nonprofit Marketing Strategy for 2022 - 4 Things You Must Absolutely Know

Running a nonprofit is difficult work. That’s why we put together this nonprofit marketing strategy that you need in the year 2022.

Before we get started, we should come to an agreement – everything happens online these days. A nonprofit that use donations as its primary form of fund raising the general public, needs to have a non profit marketing strategy that is both online and offline.

nonprofit marketing strategy

But first, do you know what remarketing is? Well here’s a crash course in the digital marketing. You can set up audience lists on platforms like Google and Facebook, and one way you can set up this audience list is based off of what specific pages user has gone on your website. Meaning, you can create a “viewed the donation page” audience that you can then go back in later into Google and advertise to anybody who visited your donation page.

This is probably making a lot of sense to anybody who’s seen lots of commercials for things that they searched online. This is how it happens. Now that you know all of that, here are the four things you’re going to need to make this non profit marketing strategy work.

  1. Your donations have to be at least 30. Y
  2. You have to have a QR code that leads to your website’s donation page.
  3. You need to be ready to run a remarketing program on Google or any other programmatic vendor, out there
  4. You’re going to want a T shirt vendor like WDFA Custom Tees that charges $15.99 to print your QR codes on a cool shirt.

Here’s a Strategy for 2022

The problem we are trying to solve is: how do we get that person to talk about your nonprofit after they donate to you? Well, if you collect $30 donations and you pay a T-shirt printing vendor like WDFA, $15.99 to print a T shirt with a QR code on it. As a thank you, you can give them a free shirt every time they make a donation. And now make the shirt cool and they’ll wear that shirt out in the public.

Whenever they wear that shirt on the public, you increase the chance of somebody scanning that QR code and finding your donation page. And if somebody sees that donation page and they don’t immediately give you a donation, that’s OK. Because you created a remarketing audience list on Google for anybody who visited the donation page.

So now without being cumbersome or annoying or stalkerish, you can market to these people on a semi regular basis to let them know you’re there. That is how you can create a non profit marketing strategy that not only gets you donations and incentivizes people to give you donations. But also creates the prospects of future marketing.

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