Custom Koozies: The Great Insurance Agent Marketing Idea

Let’s talk about Custom Koozies, the next great marketing idea for Insurance Agents.

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So let’s talk about what koozie actually does first, right? Koozies take a beverage and keep it cold. If you didn’t know that, then join us next wee where we tell you what a fork does.. A custom koozie can be branded on front and back or just the front if that’s what you choose. That’s why it is the next great marketing idea for insurance agents.

Why you need that custom Koozie!

They don’t have to be expensive, you don’t have to order 500 of them to get a good price, and you can get them to hand them out at any summer event in your community because it should have your logo, your phone number, your license number, and what type of insurance is that you can provide for that consumer. Think about it, you’re sitting around hanging out at a summer event. With your cold beverage that is now getting warm, what to do? You know who saved the day? That insurance agent that just walked by and handed them a koozie. And said here enjoy summer at its full freaking potential. At WDFA we can actually help you design and produce these koozies. You can make as little as one koozie or as many as thousands of koozies.

The choice is yours. As marketing people we believe that you shouldn’t be printing thousands of anything. Find suppliers like who do small quantities or no minimum quantities and get what you need for that time period. So for example, if you got custom koozies for summer 2022. Put the year on it. Because that year is going to signify something to that consumer. As time goes on, and we know this sounds so crazy that why would someone hold onto Koozies, if 2022 was the best summer of your life, you better bet your bottom dollar that you’re going to be hanging on to that Koozie because we, as humans are emotional creatures that want to remember things. Anyway, that is the next great marketing idea for Insurance Agents.

Need a custom koozie? Let us help you out! 

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