How to Print T shirts Using Direct to Film Transfers

T-Shirt Printing For All - A Custom T-Shirts Podcast
T-Shirt Printing For All - A Custom T-Shirts Podcast
How to Print T shirts Using Direct to Film Transfers

Today we’re going to talk about how to print T-shirts using direct to film transfers. 

How to Print T shirts Using Direct to Film Transfers

What are Direct to Transfer Films?

Before we get into the actual printing part, let’s talk about what direct to film transfers are. And how they are a game changer in the world of garment customization. Most people are familiar with screen printing, direct to garment printing. Direct to film transfers have been made possible because of breakthroughs in print head technologies. These print heads are used in wide format and direct to garment printers that WDFA Custom Tees owns. Because of these breakthroughs, the ability to create one off printed films became a possibility. When you curate them with glue and put them in high heat, the water in the ink evaporates and the glue takes the position of the water. The final ink product can be affixed to anything using heat and pressure at a later date. That is what a direct to film transfer is.

How are Direct to Transfer films created? 

They’re created by taking a piece of artwork, printing it in reverse. Either on a direct to garment printer, a specific direct to transfer printer, or sometimes you use wide format printers.  You print the artwork in reverse on a pet film. That you then add hot melt glue to or some sort of a white backing as they like to call it. You then put it under heat and let it sit there for about 2 minutes, until all of the water in the ink has evaporated and the glue has melted in its place. Once these transfers are created, they are sent to the final recipient. The person who’s actually making the shirts, or the hoodies, or the sweatshirts, or the pants or whatever may be.

You take those actual pieces and attach them to whatever garments that you’re using. Using either a heat press, which you can get for about $100 on Amazon, or the iron at your home. If you’re using a heat press, you push the garment and the film together at about 270 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 to 20 seconds. Then peel the film and the ink should be on the garment. And if you take it home with an iron, you actually turn it into the highest setting. You put wax paper in between the iron and the film. Then you iron the film into the garment for about a minute or two and you let it cool down and poof, you could pull the film and there is your customized garment.

And that is literally how you would print T-shirts using direct to film transfers. WDFA Custom Tees can actually help you do both. We can actually create the shirts for you, or if you want we can actually just create the direct film transfers. Just reach out to us.

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