How to Increase Donations For Nonprofits Using Appreciation Custom Hoodies

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The number one thing a company needs to keep going is sales. The number one thing a Nonprofit needs to keep going is donations. Today we are going to talk about how to increase donations for nonprofits using appreciation custom hoodies. 

What’s an appreciation custom hoodie? We’ll get to that. But first here’s what your going to need to pull this off: 

  1. A website where you can create a page to highlight donors 
  2. Google Analytics and remarketing setup for that page
  3. A custom apparel vendor who can produce one off images that get added to already existing branded apparel. 

So what is an appreciation hoodie? Well here’s how to increase donations for nonprofits using custom hoodies: you give a donor a free hoodie, with a QR codes that leads to an appreciation page on your website for that donor. If the branded apparel isn’t treated as a billboard and is “cool/pretty/whatever adjective that appeases your ears”  that increases the chance of that person wearing this appreciation custom hoodie. When they wear this hoodie the QR code leads to their appreciation page. The donor gets honored and you just created potential donation. 

Remember that appreciation page, it has donation links on it. Remember that remarketing setup, well, the people who visit that site, you can market to them too now. And because you showed appreciation to one of your donors, you just increased the prospects of them donating to you again. 

You need a few things to pull this together and WDFA can help you do it. Feel free to reach out to us and we can discuss a custom solution for you.