Birthday Squad Shirts

Birthday Squad Shirts
Birthday Squad Shirts

Today we’re going to talk about Birthday Squad Shirts. You heard me right Birthday Squad Shirts for your birthday and your squad’s. Explain to me why as humans living in the year 2022, we don’t have a closet filled with birthday squad shirts? T-shirts that have original designs on them that are representative of every birth year that I have had or every birthday squad that I have been a part of? Please explain that one to me??

I mean when I go to a concert for my favorite rock band or even a favorite hip hop artist, I am able to buy T-shirts, from said artists that commemorate that tour that they’re on or that concert that I’m at. And I wear that with pride.

If you open the closets of a lot of people you’ll find said shirts hanging there. So why is it that we don’t do this for birthdays? Some would say, oh, it’s too expensive to get good looking birthday squad shirts together. Others would say it costs a fortune to pay for a couple of birthday squad shirts. And some others would say, well, I’m just not that creative. Well, good that you’re reading this today, we are here to tell you how you can actually get this done.

Number 1 – Find the right Vendor

You wanna work with a company like WDFA. Because we don’t have minimums for anything we do. We can do one for you. So that should take away a big part of the problem, how do we get this done with low quantities

Number 2 – Don’t Overpay

We at WDFA charge you a fair price for everything we do. So you will not be paying an arm and a leg, for your custom attire. And you can order yours online and share the artwork link so others can order it themselves. You don’t have to collect money and not be mad anyone in your birthday squad.

Number 3 – Get Quality Artwork for Cheap!

There are royalty free sites available now. Some of them are,, Or you could just do a Google search for royalty free artwork and a lot of these websites will allow you to buy just one piece of artwork, just one. Or you can subscribe for $60.00 a month or $70.00 a month, whatever you want to do. But for most of you, you’re just going to want one.

You find your artwork. So if you want to use a rock theme, you search for custom t shirt or rock style artwork or grunge artwork. See where I’m going here? And you will see a plethora of artwork that you can then purchase. And go to our website and upload into our website and then purchase our T shirts without ever talking to another human being. How do you like them apples? And you can have one for every year, whether it’s for you, for a friend or a family member.

But you could have commemorative T-shirts that look good. As part of your birthday celebrations, if you wanna know more, contact us at WDFA Custom Tees.

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