Advertising for Insurance Agents Tip # 2321 – Custom Trucker Hats

T-Shirt Printing For All - A Custom T-Shirts Podcast
T-Shirt Printing For All - A Custom T-Shirts Podcast
Advertising for Insurance Agents Tip # 2321 - Custom Trucker Hats
advertising for insurance agents, custom trucker hat

Today we are going to talk about advertising for insurance agents. More specifically how custom trucker hats, can the job done. 

If anybody knows anything about the insurance world, they understand how important consistently advertising for insurance agents is. If you don’t do it, you’re not going to get anywhere. People need to know who you are, they need to trust you and they need to be able to remember you when their policies come up for renewal or something new is needed.

So how can we create consistent advertising for insurance agents?  #1, we try to drop the minimums down so you don’t have to buy hundreds of units to try out an idea. #2 everything that we talked to you about has a resounding theme of being useful in times that you wouldn’t expect it to be. Does that sound familiar? It almost defines insurance, doesn’t it? And I think that is something that we can build into the marketing plan of an insurance agent. So I want you to think about this:

Custom hats don’t have to be expensive.
If you got embroidered custom hats, yes, but not if you got direct to film printed custom hats on trucker hats. Put some really cool logos and cool prints on it and give them away with some form of contact information for your business. Whether it is a phone number or website, a QR code, something that later on when they need insurance, they have your contact information.

Think about it, a simple act of goodwill with a cool looking hat. Now please do not just give out a hat with your logo on it. No one’s gonna wear it. No one wants to be your billboard. Shocker, right? Don’t try to make other people your billboard, especially if they don’t work for you. Now, if they’re passionate about you and they pick up your garment, they wear it. That’s a different thing. But if you’re doing a general giveaway, make sure it’s cool. And then you can get the contact information in that person’s hand and set yourself up for success.

You don’t have to print a lot. Just find yourself a vendor like WDFA Custom Tees.

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